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Bergey 1500 Home Wind Turbine

Bergey 1500 Home Wind Turbine

The BWC 1500 is a modern 10 feet diameter 1,500 Watt wind turbine designed for high reliability, low maintenance, and automatic operation in adverse weather conditions. It is available in both battery charging and water pumping versions. It is built much more ruggedly than most other turbines of its size and it carries the longest warranty in the industry.

Battery charging BWC 1500’s can be supplied with outputs of 12, 24, 48, or 120 VDC. They are well suited for rural homes, cabins, remote villages, and telecommunications sites, where it can typically support continuous loads of 150 – 300 Watts. The BWC 1500 is often installed along with PV modules. The BWC VCS-1.5 controller features the OptiCharge system for extended battery life.

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Home Wind Turbines

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