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Donald Trump Says Alex Salmond is ‘Destroying’ Scotland With Wind Farms

Donald Trump Says Alex Salmond is ‘Destroying’ Scotland With Wind Farms

Donald Trump needs no introduction, but let’s start off with with the reminder that when Trump came to Scotland and proposed his new golf course in Aberdeenshire, Trump International – Scotland, it was Alex Salmond who stuck his neck out against widespread opposition from the locals and supported the controversial course.

Now Trump has turned his unpleasant outbursts he has become known for on Mr. Salmond because plans for an offshore wind turbine farm may been seen from Trumps course and clubhouse.

Salmond and the Scottish government have realized the potential of the gusty Scottish waters as an alternative energy source. Trump, who a mere few years ago described Mr. Salmond as “an amazing man”, doesn’t seem to care about the environment or alternative energy projects, at least not when they are on the horizon of his luxury golf courses.

In nasty letter Trump claims that the First Minister of Scotland will do “more damage than virtually any event in Scottish history.”

The letter continued to say, “I have read your recent statements concerning so called ‘wind power’. For the record, taxing your citizens to subsidise wind projects owned by foreign energy companies will destroy your country and its economy.

“Jobs will not be created in Scotland because these ugly monstrosities known as turbines are manufactured in other countries such as China.

“These countries, who so benefit from your billions of pounds in payments, are laughing at you.”

“You seem hell bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline and therefore, Scotland itself, but I will never be ‘on board’, as you have stated I would be, with this insanity.”

“As a matter of fact, I have just authorised my staff to allocate a substantial amount of money to launch an international campaign to fight your plan to surround Scotland’s coast with many thousands of wind turbines.”

“It will be like looking through the bars of a prison and the Scottish citizens will be the prisoners.”

In defense a Scottish government spokesman said: “An application for consent for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre has been submitted to Marine Scotland, and we are currently considering the views of consultees, interested parties, and the public. Scottish waters are estimated to have as much as a quarter of Europe’s potential offshore wind energy.”

“A recent study suggests that harnessing just a third of the practical resource off our coast by 2050 would enable us to generate enough electricity to power Scotland seven times over.

“An independent Scotland will be able to take full responsibility for this renewables revolution, along with the investment and thousands of jobs it brings.”

Trumps childish letter will surely not win over anyone behind the wind farm plan and most likely will not even sit well with those opposed of the project. No body wants to hear the rants of Trump, even those who would be considered allies in the decision.

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  1. Alexander J. Federowicz

    February 22, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    It makes a lot more sense to jump-start Scotland on a Green Economy. Building a playground for big-oil big-wigs is the opposite direction, and will only employ a small amount of people anyway, while using up huge amounts of land.It
    will also dump pestisides into the aquastrata-well water, and pollute the costal waters Scotland already has world famous golf coarses, that have real historic value.

    The Scottiish are very bright people, and could build themselves a technical future that employs many, while producing lasting benefit’s for the many. Trump is just a fast talking short sited man, who was instrumental in helping to ruin America’s future as a economically solid country. Do Not let
    That man do the same to yours…

  2. Jake DaMan

    March 2, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    I may be strange, but I like seeing wind turbines. Off-shore turbines, especially reasonably far off-shore turbines, could add a little bit of visual interest to an endless sea-horizon. Even if you don’t like them, I’m not sure how much you could hate them. And scenery aside, how much good could reducing oil dependancy do for an economic hemmorage? I’m not sure that Scotland would have to rely on foreign production or engineering for these turbines either. If I’ve heard correctly, Scotland’s universities turn out at least a few engineers a year. I’m surprised, not so much at Donald’s disagreement but, at his tirade on this issue, not very good P.R. I would take a great deal of convincing to believe that cleaner, renewable, locally produced, energy is bad for Scotland’s economy. If anybody has reason to believe these off-shore wind turbines would be detrimental to Scotland, I’m willing to listen though.

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