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Wind-Powered Car in Development

Wind-Powered Car in Development

The Greenbird is part aeroplane, part sailboat, part Formula One car, which runs on the harnessed power of wind. A U.K. company with hopes for a zero carbon transportation future, has engineered a land craft and ice craft, powered only by the wind.

The solid, carbon-fibre sails provide thrust, while the design enables the land craft to travel at between 3 to 5 times the real wind speed, depending on the surface traction. This wind-powered car recently clocked 60 mph during a preliminary speed trial in the Australian desert.

If you’re thinking about cruising the strip in this puppy though – think again. The car is developed for speed and novelty, not necessarily designed for the mainstream market. For cars you can be seen in, check out these eco-friendly vehicles.

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New Technology

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